Grain Refinement Technique for Al-Si Alloys with Improved Mechanical Properties in the Gravity Die Casting Process

Botou RH die casting Co., Ltd., a large-scale joint-stock company engaged in die casting and processing, has developed an alternative method for producing parts with recycled aluminum in the gravity die casting process using Casting Techniques. This new technique applies grain refinement techniques by heterogeneous nucleation and precipitation hardening to investigate the effect of size and morphology of -Fe particles on Al-Si alloys’ mechanical behavior Fe-critical, inoculated via Nb+B and heat-treated.

The samples for the microstructural analyses were produced according to Test Procedure 1 (TP1) which was then analyzed by optical microscope with polarised light and filter plate as well as differential interference contrast (DIC) and X ray energy dispersive spectroscopy (XRD SEM) with EDS detector analyzer. The specimens used for the mechanical tests were cast in a metal mold according to ASTM B108 standards.

This combined effect of manipulating the alloy Al10Si1Fe0.35Mg resulted in reduced spheroidized -Fe precipitates with improved mechanical properties compared to commercially used alloys that are typically found engineering applications like structural or safety parts. Botou RH is confident that this new Casting Technique will provide them further opportunities in improving their production capabilities while maintaining quality standards within their products delivered to customers globally.

Post time: Mar-01-2023